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When Fraud is Not Fraud: When You’re a Banker

24 Feb

How is it possible that the simple rule of law does not apply to Banks? Witht he recent resport that 84% of all foreclosures going through the system are illegal; how is it that the foreclosures continue to go on? Why hasn’t a national moratorium imposed a stop to all foreclosures until such time as [...]


Washington’s Blog: TBTF Banks Insane Leverage Caused Crisis NOT Deadbeat Borrowers

30 Dec

As ever, Washington’s blog comes through with some real clarity on the financial crisis caused by the TBTF banks – yes – it’s not a housing crisis – it’s not a borrower’s crisis – it’s not the peoples’ crisis – it’s the direct result of TBTF INSANE LEVERAGE. Insane Levels of Leverage by the Too [...]


Goldman CEO Blankfein Hires Weingarten Top White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

24 Aug

According to U.K.’s The Guardian: Blankfein hires attorney Reid Weingarten, who is described as specializing in “white-collar criminal defence, and has represented former WorldCom chief executive Bernard Ebbers and former Enron accounting officer Richard Causey. Both men are incarcerated after being convicted of fraud charges.” [Whoops,now that wasn't the idea was it, Lloyd? ] Meantime,”Jake [...]


Keiser Report: Great Britain’s Unrest; Don’t Bash Banks, Jail Children… And That’s Only Part One – Then we Go to Bill Black – Oh Yeah!!

16 Aug

Max and Stacy take us back to 2009 when The Economist reported that they expected “Social Unrest due not only to increasing proverty, but exagerated income equalities and lack of social support.” Yet somehow today everyone is pretending they never saw this coming… and that you cannot understand this – it’s sheer mindless evil – [...]


Jesse’s Cafe’ – We Couldn’t Have Said it Better: This is the Road to Hell

01 Jul

In this short but piercing piece, the truth of the current situation int he US is put as plainly as we have ever seen it. Thanks for this one, Jesse.   The US Non-Recovery When you socialize the losses and privatize the gains for a powerful few, when you reward the perpetrators and punish the [...]

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Trust: The Foundation of Sound Economy – What is Missing Now – Restoring Trust Requires Prosecuting the Criminals – not just These Criminals, but the Long Line Before Them…

14 Nov

Washington’s Blog on Trust.  How Corruption Destroys Economics – “Trust is the oil in the gears and engine of economics”. We have long been proponents of John Adams in this regard. When the corruption comes from the top down, there is no way to stem it or stop it and ultimately, it undermines the very [...]


Mortgage Fraud Ponzi ala Matt Taibbi, Abbott and Costello

12 Nov

zerohedge reporting on the new Matt Taibbi piece; yup, we still really like Matt Taibbi. The SuBPRiMe WiSDoM oF Bud Abbott and Lou Costello… Submitted by williambanzai7 on 11/12/2010 03:08 -0500 BAC I just read Matt Taibbi’s “Rocket Docket” article which ends with this: “Nowhere else on the planet is it such a crime to [...]

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The Bank of America Story Gains Wider Coverage… No Holder in Due Course, Transfers, Ownership, Toxic Assets

12 Nov

The Bank of America story is getting around… Sorry, we just bring you what we find out there… Hmmm. Bill Black adn Randall Wray have been calling for B of A to open their books for some time now; and based on what we know, we do not disagree. Of course we think we need [...]


And the Fraud Goes On… The Fraud Goes On… Foreclosures Down a Whopping 4% Despite Robo Signer Expose’ – It’s Busieness as Usaual for the Banks

11 Nov

Why are we so NOT surprised by this? Oh – right – because the banks run the government who runs the rules and courts and lets the crime continue… that’s it  – we know it was somethign close at hand. From zerohedge: Despite Robosigning Scandal, Foreclosure Activity Declines Just 4% In October from zero hedge [...]

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“Everybody Knows the System is Corrupt”? and it Doesn’t Matter? Jesse Ventura Video Takes On Banks – Gets Ridiculed

08 Nov

There are plenty of folks out in ‘media land’ telling us that everyone knows the system is broken, the banks are corrupt, and it’s a mess – but that Americans don’t care… They may be right. How many Americans do you know who are doing one thinga bout it? Even when they HAVE a way [...]