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Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

23 Sep

Great video: Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis This European-produced documentary is a fast-paced look at what brought on the global financial crisis, and why the way it’s been dealt with has set the stage for the next crisis.


The Best Way to Rob a Country: Own a Bank

08 Apr

The latest from Edward Harrison at Credit Writedowns covering The Five Part Real News Interviews with Bill Black: Bill Black: To rob a country, own a bank Edward Harrison


Edward Harrison on Rampant Mortgage Fraud

19 Mar

The second  section of the March 17 article from Credit WriteSowns’ Edward harrison got our attention today; not just because the first section dealt with local Texas news teams uncovering rampant fraud, but because in this seciton Harrison gets into the meat of what are the larger and more important ramifications of the entire Mortgage [...]

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