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Housing Market Still Over Valued in Many Areas

26 May

In this piece from My Bugdge 360 we see how the housing market and employment statistics and income levels are still out of synch. This is important information for everyone in the nation to consider. Low interest rates are not the great benefit for homeowners many espouse them to be. This also has serious implications [...]


Magnetar: This American Life Tells the Story of “The Insider”

19 Apr

This link will take you to the Public Radio show This American Life, where they tell the story of Magnetar Story of how a new hedge fund created to strip the money out of the American Middle Class. Ira Glass tells the story of Magnetar and the Massive Financial Crisis it Produced.

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Max Keiser, Karl Denninger and Stacy Herbert – “Happy Conspiracy Insiders”, Gold, IMF, Soros & More!

23 Feb

While Max rattles off some of the best material (and exactly right financial observations) that will have you gasping for breath and rolling on the floor while you say to yourself “holy sh*t, he really knows his stuff – even if he does like to play the clown” – and Stacy just rolls through the [...]

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