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Keiser Report: Dimon, Bernanke and the Fed Meeting; Jim Rodgers and Utah House Bill 371

14 Jun

Max and Stacy take on the current bla bla heads – commentary on Jamie Dimon’s hijacking of the Fed press conference; . Best quote of Stacy from this show:: “They are the same. The Fed are the private bankers. Jamie Dimon is Ben Bernanke, there is no difference between them.” From there we move on […]


GIABO: Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation – Max Keiser Report 154

09 Jun

Max and Stacy cover the spreading insurrection against banker occupation around the world… From there to insane mathematics, rising oil prices, trade deficits and the game of lieing statistics.  If rising oil prices reduce trade revenues, we just don’t count them…   From there to the strange world of Florida’s Sharia Law where the latest […]


The Senate Investigative Report: Goldman Accused of Perjury by Levin: It’s Time to Bring On The Criminal Charges

19 Apr

  Here is the full 650 Page Report: (4-13-11) – Wall Street & the Financial Crisis – Anatomy of a Financial Collapse This is a broad reaching report from Max and Stacy From perjury to escalating gold and on to the unraveling of the American economy. In today’s Keiser Report Stacy and Max cover the […]


Must Watch Keiser Report: Dexter, Ratings Agencies, Bonuses, Jim Rickards and Gold Price Supports

12 Apr

Max and Stacy explain the ratings companies, Dexter and the general lawlessness of the international banking fiasco, while the head of Dexter gets his bonus… Oh, adn the IMF is coming after the US now, so watch for your implosion America and the new world tax will be headed your way soon… And that’s just […]


The Keiser Report: 12/30/2010 US Broke, Plutocracy, Kleptocracy & the IMF

30 Dec

Here comes 2011 and the question Max and Stacy are asking is “will the US suck as bad in 2011 as they were in 2010? Hmmm. Unfortunately, the answer is pretty clear… Plutocracy has given way to kleptocracy as the IMF remodels their US headquarters; Tony Blair gets paid 42.5 million for “advising” Kuwait while […]


Keiser Report: David Drum, Bankruptcy for US States ? and More…

17 Dec

The first story in this Keiser report is almost too crazy to believe but it’s all true: David Drum, Anglo Irish Bank top Thief has relocated to Boston, Mass. and has been buying up: Cape Cod and Wellesly properties worth over 6 Million Dollars – and meantime declaring bankruptcy on his credit cards only 9 […]