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Why Are Cities Failing? Municipal Crimes of The New Mob: How Wall Street Trashed The World

22 Jun

Matt Taibbi is probably the most persistent and well informed  investigative reporter writing and tracking the  ‘bizarre alternate universe’ that has taken over Wall Street and plundered the planet over the past decade. His succinct and clear explanations of the machinations of a rogue mob of bankers gone amok is, incredibly, not only deadly in [...]


Banksters, Tramps and Thieves… Max and Stacy’s latest

20 Apr

Goldman gets another smack on the wrist; technical violations… and huddle cuddles… Hank Paulson and more. JPMorgan’s Chief Exec Jamie Dimon has ‘increased speculative bets and risk’ in his changes to the bank’s investment portfolio… no kidding, really? Investing in fraudulent mortgage backed securities, you say? Hmmmmm. Tsk tsk tsk.. And then… oh yeah baby, [...]


The People VS Goldman Sachs – Matt Taibbi’s Review of the Senate Investigative Report

16 May

For our readers who missed it, we posted the Senate Investigative Report here when it came out.   Here’s some good reporting from Matt Taibbi on the report for those who do not have the patience to read the entire 650 page report. The People VS Goldman Sachs   They weren’t murderers or anything; they [...]


Paul Farrell of MarketWatch Gets it Right: Obama, US Govt Hostages of Wall Street Risk Takers; Get Ready for Depression 2.0

15 Dec

It’s nothing new; but it’s nice to see someone get it right in print for a change. And at MarketWatch, no less.  The Stockholm syndrome has been alive and well in the US for the last several presidencies at least; here it is laid out so it is easily visible in case you are still [...]


Matt Taibbi on The Young Turks: Foreclosure Fraud, Bank Fraud, Government Assisted Fraud

21 Nov

Matt Taibbi explains on The Young Turks how the foreclosure fraud is only the tip of the iceberg – how the government is helping the banks steal houses from Americans…


Mortgage Fraud Ponzi ala Matt Taibbi, Abbott and Costello

12 Nov

zerohedge reporting on the new Matt Taibbi piece; yup, we still really like Matt Taibbi. The SuBPRiMe WiSDoM oF Bud Abbott and Lou Costello… Submitted by williambanzai7 on 11/12/2010 03:08 -0500 BAC I just read Matt Taibbi’s “Rocket Docket” article which ends with this: “Nowhere else on the planet is it such a crime to [...]

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Matt Taibbi Breaks the Jefferson County Story: Welcome to the New Third World America & The Collapse of Municipalities Begins!

08 Apr

For those readers who have not yet cottoned on to the idea that we are already in the new third world country of the United States, this article will make it all too clear: and for those who have not yet grasped how the CDOs and “CHURN” work to swallow up the resources and assets [...]


Matt Taibbi Gets it Right – Santelli Keeps Getting it Wrong

10 Mar

Matt Taibbi does a great job here of exploring and exposing the Co Opting of the “Tea Party” movement that started with Ron Paul supporters and became rabble rousing Palin pushing pawns of the Media – as well as addressing the cultural bias and prejudice that underlie the new revisionist history surrounding predatory lending and [...]


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