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Taking off the Glasses of Media Spin: Can You See the Crminial Fraud in Front of You?

12 Oct

The Economist brings us their version of this intriguing story. This little tidbit will give you all the language you need to see how it is being spun. It is interesting to read this piece just to see how the evidence being presented is, rather than being considered at face value, presented within a framework […]


How the Wall Street Pay Levels Really Impacted The Crisis: Yves Smith Points Out What NYTimes and Shiller STILL Get Wrong…

21 Jun

Getting a good perspective on what has really gone into this crisis is something Yves Smith does better than just about anyone else.  In this piece she pulls no punches and clarifies what it seems everyone else seems to keep blowing right by: the ‘reforms’ actually increased the risk and crated a bigger problem. Doing […]