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Nathan: Signs of a Potential Top? Global Signs on a Day the Markets are Closed Here

18 Jan

Holiday Update – Signs of a Potential Top… from Nathan’s Economic Edge by (Nathan A. Martin) Of course today is a holiday and thus markets are closed. However, events in play are adding to the feeling that a potential top in the market is in or is close at hand. I’ll get to the [...]


Nathan’s Economic Edge: Damon Vrabel Part 2 Global Empire and the International Banking Cartel

23 Aug

Damon Vrabel – Global Empire and the International Banking Cartel (part 2) from Nathan’s Economic Edge by (Nathan A. Martin) 1 person liked this Damon continues with his version of the way the world works – pretty close from my perspective, and of emphasis is that “Both political parties serve the cartel…” Global Empire [...]


Nathan’s Economic Edge Brings Damon Vrabel’s Important Education to the Table

23 Aug

Damon Vrabel – Monopoly Money and the International Banking Cartel from Nathan’s Economic Edge by (Nathan A. Martin) 1 person liked this The sooner people understand what it is Damon is saying here – WHO is in control of our money – the sooner we can find real and meaningful progress! Monopoly Money and [...]


Excellent Piece on Fed Economists Ruinous to US Economy

29 Jul

This very amusing piece on the Fed Economist’s essay chiding all of us that only PhD Economists could have anything meaningful to say about macro economics… If you haven’t seen the piece, or this lovely response by Graham, enjoy and read on… Graham Summers – The Stinging Critique of a Worker Bee from Nathan’s Economic [...]

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Nathan’s Economic Edge – Buffett Says Don’t Blame Moody’s – They Just got Caught Up in the Frenzy!?! HUH??

04 Jun

We have to go with Nathan on this one… Warren Buffett is just laying a big fat egg here – as if somehow we would all just let him take his $$ and go home happy – he is not going to get anywhere with us on that. These ratings agencies need some serious over-hauling [...]


Rennaisance 2.0 The Economic Lessons You Never Learned in School

15 Apr

These lessons in economics were produced by Damon Vrabel and are a powerful set of teachings which have been introduced to by Nathan Martin, of Nathan’s Economic Edge. The aim of is to bring to light the real issues of debt backed money and how they are presently controlling the lives and livelihoods [...]


The Most Important Chart of the Century? Nathan’s Economic Edge Puts it in Simple Mathematical Terms…

21 Mar

If you are not familiar with Nathan’s Economic Edge it is a great place to start your monetary policy/banking education. If you are new to the study of money, banks and debt based money, it will be a little over intense, but his SwarmUSA site will help give you a good introduction to all things [...]

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Putting a Finger on The “What’s Gone Wrong” Factor

03 Mar

Tonight I am awash in information, observation, opinion, and close to overwhelm. But let’s take it one step at a time. I finally got up the courage to watch Food Inc. Was alternately devastating and encouraging. I had no idea I’d see POLYFACE FARM on there. I’ve been a fan for a bit now. And [...]

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