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Max and Stacy Take Apart the Mortgage Settlement: Only 5B Comes from Banks – the Rest is From Fannie and Freddie!

14 Feb

Hey! Check it Out! We, the taxpayers are the ones who are ACTUALLY the Ones PAYING THE SETTLEMENT TAB!!  (Well, of COURSE!- This is America, right?)   Once Max and Stacy take the Settlement deal apart, Howard Kunstler comes on to hypothesize over why the American public keeps putting up with this foo-ey. Cognitive dissonance? […]


As the Empire Lords Divide the Spoils of Wisconsin, the Peasants in the Streets Argue Over the Pointless Details of Their own Enslavement

18 Mar

Max and Stacy take a closer look at Wisconsin from the secret tunnel connecting the M & I Bank to the State House which Walker has used to shuttle lobbyists into the State House, to the new legislation just passed in Wisconsin which allows governor Walker to sell off any State owned heating or cooling […]


Max Keiser Reports on Next Bailout & Real Estate Crash, Then Turns to ‘A Time for Change’

10 Aug

In this newest Max Keiser report we hear about what the next round of bailouts will look like, the data analysts report on the robot trading machines running the markets and what it all means… Nanex reports on the robots’ tracks in the market. Trades before the market opens? Really? Really… Extend and Pretend is […]


The Road To Serfdom – A Guest Post on Max Keiser’s Blog on the 1944 Classic by F.A. Hayek

28 May

This rather long guest post from Max Keiser’s site is well worth the read – and then you can pick up the book and read it. We’ve place a link to the book below the post. Guest Post: The Road to Serfdom from by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert Michael Krieger As is true […]


Max Keiser Reports on Social Fury, Sovereign Debt Crises and Guillotine Cakes

27 May

The latest edition of the Keiser Report – and all we can say is “It keeps getting better!” In this latest Max Keiser Report we hear the inside scoop on the Bernanke confirmation and threats of economic collapse; the phenomena known as Social Fury; US Government web sites defining Conspiracy Theory; Guillotine Cakes   and […]


Max & Stacy on Flying PIIGS, Special Drawing Rights and More…

14 May

Max and Stacy lay it out in plain English looking at the 960Billion dollar bailout of the EU, containing the ‘contagion’ – and bankrupt sovereigns bailing out debt with more debt…