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Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail? – Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi Answers the Question so well There is NO ROOM FOR DOUBT

18 Feb

Today we read this latest piece from Rolling Stone. The message is abundantly clear: the Oligarchs are firmly in power; the game is over and the people have lost.  If you have any doubt, it will only take you as long as it takes to read this piece to leave the doubt behind. Sadly, at […]


MyBudget360: The FED Robbing the Public in Broad Daylight

04 Jan

Federal Reserve welcomes a Brave New Economy – how the Fed is robbing the public in open daylight. Maiden Lane Special Purpose Vehicles purchased toxic mortgages like option ARMs and commercial real estate. Posted by mybudget360 in bailout, banks, casinos, federal reserve, gimmicks, government, wall street 0 Comments The global economy seems to be facing […]


Ellen Brown on Systemic Risk and the Shadow Banking System

09 Oct

THE CREDIT MELTDOWN AND THE SHADOW BANKING SYSTEM: WHAT BASEL III MISSED Ellen Brown, September 22nd, 2010 While local banks are held in check by the new banking czars in Basel, Wall Street’s “shadow banking system” has hardly been curbed by regulators at all; and it is here that the 2008 credit crisis was […]


Naked Capitalism: Killing Off Elizabeth Warren’s Nomination To Make Sure There is No Real Reform

02 Aug

Knives Out for Elizabeth Warren from naked capitalism by Yves Smith It should come as no surprise that a financial services industry powerful enough to water down meaningful reform in the US and internationally (Basel III rules were weakened to allow, for instance, that mortgage servicing rights be included in regulatory capital calculations) would probably […]


Bankers, Money and The Real Problem: Damon Vrabel on Max Keiser

21 Jun

Guest Post: The Real Problem from by Damon Vrabel All the market/finance news since 2008 isn’t just random criminal acts.  It’s not just scandal.  It’s not just greedy narcissists on Wall Street.  Those are all symptoms of the larger problem–that nations are caught in a monetary machine designed to takeover everything over the course […]


Mandelman’s Uncommon Advice on Loan Modifications

17 Jun

Mandelman’s Uncommon Advice for Getting Through the Loan Modification Process Without Losing It from Mandelman Matters by Mandelman How to hold up under the stress and strain of getting a loan modification… Every single day of the last 18 months I’ve talked to homeowners who are somewhere in, around, or near the process of attempting […]

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Washington’s Blog on the Faux Financial Reform Bill

01 Jun

More important words about the financial non reform bill – that didn’t do anything. and would not have prevented the current crisis – and will not prevent the next one. Senate Passes Faux Financial “Reform” Bill from Washington’s Blog by George Washington The Senate passed a financial “reform” bill today by a 59-39 vote which […] Tongue in Cheek: How Main Street Destroyed Walled Street

29 May

How Main Street has Destroyed Wall Street Posted by Foreclosure Fraud on May 16, 2010 · 9 Comments How Main Street has Destroyed Wall Street Posted by Capt. Jack I guess now would be a good time to shoot the greedy homeowners. It’s crystal clear. From the very beginning the homeowners have gamed the system. They […]

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Damon Vrabel on Jamie Dimon and Wall Street Pathology from Nathan’s Economic Edge

25 May

Damon Vrabel – Jamie Dimon and Wall Street Pathology Damon doesn’t pull any punches and shows great instinct by singling out and then shredding Jamie Dimon, a former Economic Edge “Asshat of the Year” award winner… Jamie Dimon and Wall Street Pathology As many people now understand, Wall Street is a monopolistic cartel that thrives […]

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Mandelman University Presents – Securitization & MBS’s A Great First Lesson!

05 May

Why is this terrific? Because from now on when anyone tries to explain how the entire economic crisis is the fault of a few greedy homeowners or misinformed borrowers or ignorant minority wannabe homeowners you can level the playing filed and give the real answer. This is priceless stuff and EVERYONE should learn this, read […]