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Washington’s Blog: The Fraud Started At the Very Top – Government Leaders

03 Nov

Washington’s Blog: The Fraud Started At the Very Top: The Fraud Started At the Very Top: With Government Leaders from Washington’s Blog by George Washington 4 people liked this The government’s entire strategy now – as during the S&L crisis – is to cover up how bad things are. But it is not only a [...]


The Original William Black Control Fraud Video Resurfaces

20 Oct

We were interested to note that a piece we posted originally in our work many months ago is now resurfacing all over the place online.  So we figured, why not us too? We also highly recommend the Bill Moyers interview with Bill Black – which you can find here. In this compelling and full length [...]


William Black on Naked Capitalism: Theoclassical Law and Economics Makes The Law an Ass

31 Aug

William Black: Theoclassical Law and Economics Makes the Law an Ass from naked capitalism by Yves Smith 3 people liked this By William K. Black, Associate Professor of Economics and Law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and author of The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One One of the great [...]


The Best Way to Rob a Country: Own a Bank

08 Apr

The latest from Edward Harrison at Credit Writedowns covering The Five Part Real News Interviews with Bill Black: Bill Black: To rob a country, own a bank Edward Harrison


William Black on Proper Investigation and Prosecution to Solve the Mortgage & Economic Crisis

25 Mar

William Black Interview on The Young Turks reviews again the primary issues: FBI 2004 Mortgage Fraud Epidemic Will Cause Economic Crisis Bigger than S & L Crisis if not Stopped Now. FBI says 80% of the Fraud is Perpetrated by the Lenders How do Lenders Optimize a Lending Fraud? . Grow Really Rapidly by Trashing [...]


William Black Short Version: Standard & Poors Criminal Activities Proved

22 Mar

This video is a short clip of the longer (1:38min) Hammer Museum talk given by Mr. Black in 2009. *You can find that complete talk in earlier posts in the William Black section of this site. This little snip is very clear all by it self for those in a hurry. Standard & Poor’s criminal [...]


William Black On The Edge With Max Keiser

19 Mar

If you wanted the clearest possible picture of what it is we are faced with here today, this just might give you the foundation to build it. Max Keiser, irreverent expat and wildly direct extrapolator, and William Black, academe, philosopher, educator, former Federal Investigator and brilliant distiller of facts such as these: “As what the [...]


Black is Back: Accounting Rules Facilitate Lying to the Public

19 Mar

Earnings, stress tests, real balance sheets. It’s all here as Mr. Black addresses the hidden realities behind the banker’s stress tests and earnings reports. Black is Back: Don’t Trust Earnings New Accounting Rules, Stress Test is a SHAM!


William Black on the Theory of Corporate Fraud

19 Mar

In this little short Mr. Black explains the nature and conduct of massive corporate fraud. How it comes about, and why, and what happens once it does. Sound familiar? Based on the financial environment in the US today, this is a key piece of understanding the depth and breadth of the problem facing us. William [...]