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California Drops Out of AG Settlement with Bank of America

04 Oct

As zerohedge reported earlier this week, California has dropped out of the AG Settlement process – one more State saying B of A is not addressing the real damage caused by its practices… Not a good week to be Bank of America it would seem…   Another Blow For America’s Banks (And Bank Of America) [...]


It’s Official: CNBC is Insane and America Seems to be Joining Them: Bulldoze the Foreclosed Houses

28 Apr

We have to tell you that we are not optimistic about the state of US brain power. CNBC Video and Headline – even came with a public poll… The zerohedge piece is posted from – but the comments at zh are much more entertaining. Our favorite so far is – “There’s this new invention, [...]


Charles Hugh Smith: The Status Quo’s Fundamental Paradigms are Broken

15 Nov

This comprehensive guest post from Zero Hedge makes a good argument for getting serious about looking at a reworking of the monetary system – clearly more of the same is NOT a sustainable option. Guest Post: The Status Quo’s Fundamental Paradigms Are Broken from zero hedge | on a long enough timeline, the survival rate [...]


Mortgage Fraud Ponzi ala Matt Taibbi, Abbott and Costello

12 Nov

zerohedge reporting on the new Matt Taibbi piece; yup, we still really like Matt Taibbi. The SuBPRiMe WiSDoM oF Bud Abbott and Lou Costello… Submitted by williambanzai7 on 11/12/2010 03:08 -0500 BAC I just read Matt Taibbi’s “Rocket Docket” article which ends with this: “Nowhere else on the planet is it such a crime to [...]

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Bill Black and Randall Wray More Coverage on the Call for B of A to Open Their Books

10 Nov

More coverage of Bill Black and Randall Wray’s call for Bank of America to open its books… Bill Black And L. Randall Wray Demand Bank Of America Finally Open It Books Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/07/2010 13:24 -0500 William Black ratchets his campaign for putting an allegely insolvent Bank of America into conservatorship by [...]


ZeroHedge: ICE Starts Accepting Gold as Initial Margin Collateral…

09 Nov

ICE Starts Accepting Gold As Initial Margin Collateral For All Energy And CDS Trades Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/09/2010 09:42 -0500 Repeat after us: gold is not a currency. But, just in case we are wrong, pretty soon one may see it accepted as pseudo legal, non-federal reserve note equivalent just about everywhere. First: [...]


ZeroHedge: Bank of America Reports No Day With Trading Losses in Q3…

07 Nov

Bank Of America Reports No Day With Trading Losses In Q3, Announces MBS Complaints Over $375 Billion Worth Of Securities Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/05/2010 14:31 -0500 In its just released 215 page 10-Q, BofA announced it has just overtaken Goldman, and where even Goldman ended up having days with trading losses, Bank of [...]


Zero Hedge on the SubPrime Pipeline – Perfect!

08 Oct

This is hysterical.  Thanks zerohedge – it’s Friday – and a good laugh is always appreciated! Subprime Pipeline (a simple visual aid) Submitted by williambanzai7 on 10/08/2010 14:47 -0500 The following diagram is self explanatory. All I will say is that the two processes are surprisingly similar.  Suggested improvements are welcome. Push the printer friendly [...]

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