Thank YOU Matt Taibbi and Alayne Fleischmann for BLOWING THAT WHISTLE!

07 Nov

What a brilliant piece of work. Every American needs to read this article and know all the details before they disappear completely and forever.

This is the end result of elite corporate criminal collusion: the two top lawyers for Chase in much of the hush money DOJ ‘victory’ deal of 2013 now take up their places in the SEC! . Holy shit what a story…

Matt Taibbi and Alayne Fleischmann Blow That WHISTLE!!!

Read the entire thing, seriously. Copy it, print it and save it to remind yourself of the truth. Share it with everyone you know because sure as hell the monkey mind criminal elite are already celebrating that they have buried this ax – and are busy paving their new golden road into the future – as they broadcast their righteousness and goodness across the airwaves.

A future they fully intend will continue to exact its pounds of flesh from every working man and woman on this planet. Just look at the economic statistics since 2008 to know where it will continue to go.

Brilliant that these two had the guts to tell the truth. Now what are any of us going to do about it? That remains to be seen.

Matt Taibbi and Alayne Fleischmann Blow That WHISTLE!!!


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