The Body in the Room: Beware the ‘Foreclosure Rescue Scam’!? Uh.. Try ‘Foreclosure Scam’ Instead!

08 Feb

It is remarkable the media, print, computer, coverage of the ‘foreclosure rescue scam’.  Indeed, it is so prevalent that Craigslist has warning notices posted.

And there are even government funded non profits like NACA out there ‘defending the homeowner’; yet, to date the devestation continues. Apparently unable to be abated.

What we note, with now, some perspective, is that nowhere, to date, so far as we can see…

Has anyone posted foreclosure scam warnings.

you know, those foreclosures being performed by
Third party servicers, and stand in ‘Trustees’ for various
UNnamed in the documents ‘Lenders’ in foreclosure proceedings.

So where are the warnings that say

Bank of New York Mellon [district bank for NYFED]

As Trustee for Trust bla bla pass through certificates yada yada.

As ‘Beneficiary’ to the ‘proceeds’ of the Security Instrument’ you signed on bla bla date at bla bla place has the right to call you, due and payable for a ‘loan’ which was funded through investment chicanery and through your signature made ‘real’ such that a security instrument and a promise to pay note were created and disbursed, out into the commercial realm at a general and specific profit to that commercial realm as they saw fit and appropriate; and then, after having profited from such endeavors, did they  see fit to further encumber and burden their prey as to impose drastic measures and sanctions and theft of houses to which they had no claims and in which they had no real honest collateral interest.

Or to put it more plainly, they had engineered a financial transaction in which they personally benefited, contributed nothing and engineered a profit center for others under whose control they operated.

Because none of it happened.

But oh poor wary consumer sans citizen

There was no loan.

There was no ‘securitization’

There was the writing down of credit
upon your collateral / chattel position

Such that your signature upon a promissory note
became the foundation of a wholy other
creature of

Beware the foreclosure rescue scam!

But whatever you do,

Do NOT beware the foreclosure scam.

Because that, dear friend,

is what is real.

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