The Buy Out is On: Banks Leading Political Wins

18 Nov

We don’t follow national news, voting news or other maintstream news.

We follow the evidence and the facts where they appear on the media landscape.

But we cannot help but notice:

The banks are winning.

Don’t get us wrong, we do not think they will, ultimately, win.

But right now, as per the elections, they are winning…

The main man – the voice of the people who dared to ask the banks and the Fed what they were doing in the market and who was doing it – is out, as per this past election.[Alan Grayson]

The front running, as in pro-active and activist,  leader in the State Attorneys General camp, Ohio AG Cordray is also out…

Let’s hope these two men find even more productive legal roles in the process to move us all forward in the battle, for while there may still be pockets of uprising resistance in the political body – the main players are out – removed – bought out by highly bank financed opponents…

Nothing we have read leads us to any other conclusion; in spite of the congressional hearings posted here.  So much noise in an ongoing slaughter.

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