The Economic Elite VS The People of the United States: Trillions of Dollars in Stolen Money, Criminal Activity Straight Up Mafia Rule

27 Oct

Max Keiser brings us another dose of David DeGraw.

Billionaires increased their aggregate wealth by 50% during this crisis.

50% of children in the US depend on Food Stamps to eat.

The system is rigged.

There was a financial coup in this country.

We need to start organizing ourselves.

We need to take action.

We are being attacked.

We have to organize on common ground.

We are the 99% of the country that are under attack.

We CAN restore the rule of law.

We can have a revolution. We can get rid of this banking cartel.

It’s either move away or stay here and try and fight these people?

Can we wake up the American People and stop these people?

It’s a major task, but we have to do it.


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