The Ruling Class Vs Libert – CFTC Says JP Morgan can Break the Law – They’ll Just Change the Law

17 Jan

We came across this over at Max Keiser’s site and had to pass it along.

What can we say? Except,  “watch it.” and “Uh huh, we agree pretty much completely.”

So JP Morgan will be allowed to continue to play the manipulation game with the metals markets (in particular, silver) and the world will watch and wait to see how long they can play before the entire thing blows up in everyone’s face… It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when. Meantime, if you’re thinking of playing any such similar games yourself, forget about it – they’d throw you in to the dungeons right away – after all, it’s illegal to sell what you do not have – unless you’re JP Morgan; in which case, hey, it’s all good…


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