This Madoff WhistleBlower Says it All on CNN Money

06 Feb

A fraud investigator told Congress that he’d warned the agency about Madoff’s Ponzi scheme years ago. But his efforts went nowhere.

You don’t have to read much further than this article to understand the depth and breadth of the corruption and fraud which has overtaken our country – let’s hope the new administration has the guts to take it on and change the situation

Or even that the congress – when confronted with such plentiful and overwhelming evidence will actually DO something rather than listen to the drones at the SEC defending their lame ass position – Oh, they’re very sorry for the losses – they feel the pain – Really? Let them feel the pain directly by all losing their jobs at once. Good GRIEF it’s about time someone did… other than the American people, that is – If this is our government (SEC) at work, then put them OUT of work – it’s more economical and probably more effective -
Ah, but there IS no corruption in the U.S – I forgot! lol


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