When Big Brother is Watching Out for Big Banks…

07 Sep

This most recent piece of evidence of the co-opted government forces in the hands of banksters is almost so glaring as to be *gasp* OBVIOUS.

The US Government through the GAO is warning CITIZENS against FORENSIC LOAN AUDITS.

Imagine that. Something as *harmless* as a review of the records of the CITIZEN’S loan documents; is now… *gasp* a POTENTIAL FRAUD!

Oh Yes, dear Debtor/CITIZEN/reader; you, may indeed – be a victim of a fraud to engage you in the review of the researched PUBLIC RECORD documents of your loan transaction.  HORRORS!

This may cause you to discover things that were less than kosher and to decide that you might want to take some action on your own behalf in regards to these matters.

That will never do. Not in the mark to fantasy FDIC insured, Bank Bailout’d world of the Federal Reserve JPM run UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Inc

No Sir, No Ma’am. That will never do.

So Audits of your own financial documents according to law are now a new scam fraud scheme for homeowners the nation over to be WARY of. Sure.

And when any one of you, gentle readers, call your Lending Institution tomorrow and ask them, politely, what it is they need from you to maintain some sort of civil and workable relationship, they will simply tell you to outline the terms and let them know, and it will all work out just swell for everyone.


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