While CNN Reports on Putin’s Dog, Senate Hearings Go UnNoticed…

18 Nov

A quick scan of the headines over at CNN – (that’s a news channel right?) gives us pause:

Here’s what you don’t see:

Senate Heaerings

Which, we notice, are NOT dowloadable, not embedable – they really don’t want us to watch them, you figure?

In our view they should have let the homeowners give testimony, not just the banks and ‘experts’ – they need to hear from the people – people who get so upset when David Lowman of Chase takes the position that Chase prefers to help homeowners stay int heir homes that they are removed from the hearings… Well, in our view they should have been brought to the front of the room to testify right then – and if the American people ever wake up, there would be thousands of them – or millions of them, there to testify.

In the meantime, there is a much more complete body of evidence here:

The Transscripts

For all those people wondering about their loans, wondering about their banking system, wondering what the Hell is really going on, there is lots of interesting material in these transcripts, but you’ll have to be willing to read; and most people simply are not willing to take the time to do that…

Too bad. Because there is a wealth of information if you will.


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