Why Should You Care to Get Smart About Banks?

When worlds of commerce operate correctly, there is a fair exchange of goods for services, services for goods, and the medium of exchange is fair for all who engage it.

When the worlds of commerce are operating under corruption, collusion, and highly centralized and controlled centers of power and influence, the corrupt and speculative factions will,  in the end, result in mass destruction of the system. The whole thing goes south.

We are headed south – in a very big and rapid way, and if that matters to you at all, then you should want to Get Smart About Banks.

Not because banks are the only players or even the most important players, but because banks are the current, real time instruments of destruction of the economic world you ‘think’ you know.

We say you ‘think’ you know, because most of you reading this page are unaware that in your lifetime you have actually been living through what could be considered the longest bubble market ever overextended in the history of all time.

Particularly if you are an American born after the Second Great War.

Your parents and grandparents understand the power of the banks, but you, in your lifetime, have never, until now experienced it.

So, let’s start by getting a few things straight.

We are not in some form of free market system. Haven’t been for eons. We are also not in some ‘communist’ or ‘socialist’ system; although elements of these population enslaving dependencies are present. They are present in the 40 million Americans now on some form of food assistance, in the millions of unemployed on unemployment and in many other ways, and in each case they are woefully inadequate to the task and massively more expensive and less productive than they might be were they not handled as a ‘wage earner problem’ than as a productive capacity problem.

But a system designed to strip the wealth and assets out of the people and put that wealth and those assets into the hands of a ruling elite is not concerned with productive capacity. It is concerned with order, obedience and a feudally enslaved populace.  Two different agendas.

What we are in is a perfect state of fascism. Remember what Mussolini said:

““Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power””

In the case of the modern ‘civilized’ world we are now the puppets of a complete takeover on all levels of all things important to us, not the least of which is banking.

From food to food stamps, medicine to medicaid, housing to home mortgage crisis, we are bound and captured in systems created by the joint efforts of high finance, corporatism and big government to reap a profit. They negotiate our health care and allow Monsanto to take patent rights to our food and introduce untested and dangerous GMOs to our diet without even the need for proper labeling.

The lawyers have won the day on every front all the way to the Supreme Court where they now allow corporations to give UNLIMITED support to political candidates.

Meanwhile the Congress has authorized our own spies to ‘disappear’ Americans, and we are all still playing along like the good citizens we were raised in public schools to be.

We pay our fines, we pay our dues we pay our way until we are all out of pay and they just keep coming.

Behind all of it, there is a system of exchange. A way to ‘have cash’ and a way to get it. There is also a price for cash. And for the ‘insiders’ it is zero to close to zero.

For everyone else it’s very expensive. It requires an exchange of goods or services which can be as costly as minimum wage – and it can carry interest rates of 29% if it’s in your wallet and gives you the privilege.

So why Get Smart About Banks?

Because when the government and the banks begin to work together to create things like their GDP and their BOND SALES they have a tendency; at least it seems so from here, to ‘harvest’ their populations rather than to ‘serve’ them.

When any sector of the overall productive working world which the media likes to minimalize into ‘the economy’ goes rampant and extorts all other parts of the system, the system breaks down. When armies invade and destroy the people, the same thing happens. It is a form of warfare. To strip the assets of an entire population for the immense enrichment of the few is another kind of war.

We recognize it in Africa. But we are apparently completely and utterly blind to it when it comes out as the evening news and parades around as important and says it knows what it is doing.

For a really bald faced look at it, just look at the inflation in the US housing market in the first decade of the 21st century.

Inflation Adjusted US Residential Housing Inflation Chart

Since when does ‘real estate’, much less residential real estate, which serves no purpose except to house some people when they sleep – become so incredibly valuable over so short a time and NOT be headed for a massive implosion?

Since when has the value of real estate been measured OUTSIDE of the median income of the median household in the region who might determine to BUY such a residential real estate to LIVE in?

On this site we’ve attempted to provide some real live current history. Because in today’s’ world of high speed news, stories come and go so fast that none of them ever END. Crises emerge and are announced. Next day some famous person died or fell out of a chair or whatever – and the story vaporizes like so much smoke.

Not to mention the inuendo in the reporting.

No one expected this crisis.


That is like saying ‘I threw the ball up into the air, but I never expected it to come back down!’

Ah, but they tell you economics is ‘complicated’ and ‘high science’ and you of all people should have no idea about it.

That interest only loan they sold you really WAS a good idea – it was the only way you could continue to hold on to something you never should have gotten hold of at all but never mind that – you’re like a kid in training wheels being handed the keys to a Farari at that point – you really just may not know any better – the offer is so so damn sweet - After all you can , ‘afford’ it!

This is how we leverage away the future for the promises of easy living and a great home and a great life – this is how we fall for the ‘dream’ and it is a dream.

Not because we don’t deserve great homes; but because this dream is being sold to us as a way to make someone else rich. And leave us and the financial system in a shambles.

Have you noticed that yet?

So, roam the site – learn the current history of the worlds of commerce.

Get smart about banks – it’s worth the journey.

we think so, anyway.

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