William Black and Lisa Epstein on Dylan Ratigan: Stop the Fraud, Stop the Foreclosures

25 Oct

It is really quite refreshing to have some real news coverage on the main stream media – we have no idea, really, how or why it is happening, but we welcome it.

The ho hum news about Bank of  America and the errors they are finding (they say 4% error rate – we say no way Jose’) is just the preamble.  Get ready for the numbers Mr. Black rolls out; and pay close attention to every word he speaks, because he does not miss a beat in this interview.


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  1. Richard Garcia

    October 26, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    The moments that Lisa and William Black speak about the effects of the Banking fraud/corruption are riveting. Lets hope the more and more folk listen and started demanding the restoration of THE RULE OF LAW!