Yves Smith’s “ECONned” Trailer – Buy the Book & Get Smarter!

22 Apr

We’ve been following the Naked Capitalism blog for many months and highly recommend it to all our readers.

We also highly recommend Yves Smith’s book, ECONned for anyone who is seriously interested in knowing exactly what just happened in this most recent (and arguably largest in recorded history) global financial ‘crisis’.

As more and more investigative journalists, economists and law professionals are saying, this was no ‘accident’. We could not agree more.

From Amazon’s Editorial Reviews:

“The helplessness you feel, in the face of the demonic complexity of modern finance…set it aside, and pick up Yves Smith book ECONned. Indignation and clarity and omnivorous knowledge come together in her writing, to explain how we, the taxpayers, are being meticulously fleeced. Never go into an argument about the financial crisis unarmed again.”–Stephen Metcalf, Slate Columnist

“In ECONned, Smith blows the top wide open on the role that economists and policy makers had in enabling Wall Street greed and misdeeds. This fascinating book reads like a detective story uncovering the roots of our disastrous financial philosophy– the book must be read by everyone from Wall Street to Washington.”–Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics at New York University and founder of RGE Monitor… read more here.



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